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The Security Training Group, Inc.

The Security Training Group is dedicated to the provision of professional level security training to organizations and individuals around the globe. STG specializes in workshops and seminars which focus on:

    o     Critical Infrastructure Protection
    o     Security Program Management
    o     Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Analysis
    o     Physical Security Technology and Applications
    o     Security Program Evaluation

STG qualifications are second-to-none and cover the engineering, certified risk management, board certified security management, federal law and municipal law enforcement disciplines.

Our Workshops

Our workshops cover a wide range of critical topics which need to be understood and addressed by security managers and practitioners on a daily basis. We support the best-in-class presentations with structured, hands-on exercises which build team work, solution oriented processes and the skills to present the information to management level decision makers.


Continuous improvement and professional certification are required of anyone who needs to provide continuing value to their organization. More so than ever before the security industry is facing new challenges which will be successfully addressed by experienced, competent and up-to-date security professionals.

Participation in STG workshops earns recertification credits for security industry certifications such as the Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Physical Security Professional (PSP) which are administered by ASIS International. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits may also be accrued for your particular organization’s continuing improvement program.

Faculty Experience

STG faculty members are deeply experienced in both the public and private sectors security needs. Their combined experience and current activities cover the breadth and depth of the security industry.

STG faculty members have provided extensive training in North America, South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East.